Company Profile
  • About Bacera Bullion Limited
    Bacera Bullion Limited's core business is the trading of Spot Gold and Silver contracts and other precious metals. Being a company which facilitates speculation in precious metals, we endeavor to combine our market experience with hard work and dedication to provide our clients with the ability to make informed investment decisions. Bacera Bullion is committed to customer service. We are continually developing new policies, procedures and products to satisfy our customers' needs and maintain our reputation as a trusted name in Precious Metals investments. We invite you to contact us at your earliest opportunity and give our service a try.
  • Our Mission
    The aim of Bacera Bullion Limited is to provide investors with the most advanced and user-friendly online trading platform available, the Bacera ProTrader. In line with the current trading market trends, we are committed to providing a secure 24-hour online electronic trading system. In order to ensure the understanding of up-to-date knowledge and information on software innovation, as well as to guarantee reliability, an independent software company is dedicated to the research and development of Bacera Bullion Limited's ProTrader.
  • Our Features and Services
    Together with our strategic partners, Bacera Bullion Limited provides free charting analysis, real-time financial news, gold, silver, and precious metal market trends, and customer support via our customer service offices, online chat rooms, email, and telephone. Prospective clients are able to test their investment skills before making any significant commitments with our free demo account. Also available are mini accounts, which require less financial commitment to start investing but still allow clients to get a feel for ProTrader and precious metals market before making a larger financial commitment.