Deposit & Withdraw
  • Deposit Process
    • Step 1: Deposit Funds
      After successfully opening an account, clients will then need to deposit funds via one of multiple convenient options: bank wire transfer, credit card, or BaceraCard, into Bacera Bullion Limited's client funds bank account.
    • Step 2: Notification
      Clients will then send copy of the deposit receipt with client's name, contact information, and email address to Bacera Bullion Limited.
    • Step 3: Credit Funds
      Once deposits are cleared and confirmed by the bank, Bacera Bullion Limited will then credit the funds into the client's ProTrader account.
    • Step 4: Start Trading
      Clients may log into the account to confirm funds are available.
  • Withdraw Process
    • Step 1: Fill out Application
      Clients who want to withdraw funds need download and fill out the "Withdraw Request Form" and send it to Bacera Bullion Limited via fax or email.
    • Step 2: Application Verification
      After receiving client's Withdraw Request Form, Bacera Bullion Limited's accounting department will verify that all of the information provided on the form is accurate and process the withdrawal. A transaction will then take place that subtracts the requested amount from the client's trading account.
    • Step 3 : Confirmation
      Bacera Bullion Limited will then wire to the withdrawn funds to the bank account designated on the client's Withdraw Request Form.