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  • Opening an Account Online
    The quickest and easiest way to open Bacera trading account is online. The application is simple, swift and can be completed in just minutes.
    • Individual Account
      This type of account is appropriate when only one (1) person intends to open and fund the account. This person will be the only one with the authority to withdraw funds from the account.
    • Joint Account
      The Joint Account is available for two or more individuals who are interested in opening an account together. This account is designed for spouses, family members, and friends.
    • Partnership Account
      This type of application should be submitted when a Legal or Registered Partnership intends to open an account. For example, "Siegel & Mason LLP." registered as a Limited Partnership in the State of New York, can apply to open a live forex trading account by submitting the Partnership Account Application. In this account, the Partners will designate the Authorized Trader(s) via the Partnership Account Application form.**
    • Corporate Account
      This type of application should be submitted when a Registered Corporation wants to open an account. For example, "Mason Corp." incorporated in the State of Delaware, can apply for a live forex trading account by submitting this application. The Corporation will designate the Authorized Trader(s) for this account, via the Corporate Account Application.**
    ** Note:
    The Partnership and Corporate Application forms have areas specially designed for naming Authorized Trader(s) who will have the ability to trade the account and to make deposits and withdrawals on behalf of the applicants. If the applicants do not wish to grant the Authorized Trader(s) with the authority to make withdrawals or deposits into the account, then they are advised to amend the relevant sections of the application pages.
  • Opening an Account via FAX
    In addition to our online application, clients can open an account with Bacera Bullion Limited via fax, scanned email, or paper mail.
    • DownloadBacera Bullion Limited Account Forms(Adobe Reader required)
      (These forms can also be faxed or mailed to you upon request)

       Download AdobeReader

    • Type or write in all required information. Please sign and/or initial all necessary sections.
    • Please include one form of government issued identification from each account holder (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc.)
    • Also, include proof of client?s residential address as represented on the account application (i.e. utility bill, bank statement,etc.)
    The completed application along with the copies of ID and proof of address can be submitted to Bacera Bullion Limited via:
    image004 Fax : Submit the completed application and copies to
    (852) 3011-6071。
    Please be sure to include your name and the phrase "New Account" on the fax cover sheet.
    image005 Email : Scan the completed application and email to:
    [email protected].
    Please include your name and place "New Account" in the subject heading of your email.
    image006 Mail : Mail the completed application and copies to:
    Bacera Bullion Limited
    Attn: New Account
    Floor 17, Ka Wah Bank Centre,
    232 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
    Please be sure to type or clearly print your email address on the Account Application, as this will be the medium used to contact you following the receipt of the application.