• Margin Requirement
    • Margin Requirement for Gold is $1,000 USD per lot.
    • Margin Requirement for Silver is $2,000 USD per lot.
  • Contract Size
    • Contract size for Gold is 100 oz.
    • Contract size for Silver is 5000 oz.
  • Trading Time
  • Gold and Silver Trading Hours:
    • Daylight Saving ON:(Between March to November)
      BJ/HK Time(GMT+8) Platform Time(GMT) EST(GMT-4)
      Trading Hour MON 06:01 - SAT 04:45 SUN 22:01 - FRI 20:45 SUN 18:01 - FRI 16:45
      Interest Settlement Time 05:00 Daily 21:00 Daily 17:00 Daily
      Break Time 05:00 -06:01 Daily 21:00 -22:01 Daily 17:00 -18:01 Daily

    • Daylight Saving OFF:(Between November to March)
      BJ/HK Time(GMT+8) Platform Time(GMT) EST(GMT-5)
      Trading Hour MON 07:01 - SAT 05:45 SUN 23:01 - FRI 21:45 SUN 18:01 - FRI 16:45
      Interest Settlement Time 06:00 Daily 22:00 Daily 17:00 Daily
      Break Time 06:00 -07:01 Daily 22:00 -23:01 Daily 17:00 -18:01 Daily

  • Margins & Spreads
    •  Product  Spread  Margin Requirement  Contract Size
       Gold  USD $0.50  USD $1000  100 troy oz
       Silver  USD $0.05  USD $2000  5000 troy oz
    • Bacera Bullion Limited reserves the right to change the spread without notice.
  • Precious Metals Rollover
  • All open Precious Metal positions are rolled to the next trading day. Depending on whether you are long (buy) or short (sell), you will either be debited or credited rollover interest on a daily basis. Rollover rates will be displayed as a Swap Fee on the Bacera Bullion ProTrader; any Swap Fees debited or credited will be updated daily. Please note that all open positions at the close of market on Wednesday incur a three-day rollover debit/credit, and bank holidays will affect the number of days that a position is rolled forward.
    •  Symbol  Long  Short
       Gold  -2.00  -1.00
       Silver  -2.25  -0.75
    • *Swap Chart is for reference only, actual swap is determine by dealing department.
  • Calculate Precious Metals Swap
    • The formula for calculating the Precious Metals Swap is :
      Number of Lots X Contract Size X Swap Rate / 360 Days
    • Example : To Calculate the Swap for 10 lots of Long Spot Gold held overnight is
      10 Lots X (100z x $1200 USD) X (-1%) / 360 Days = -$33.33 USD
  • Locked Position
  • Long and short positions of the same size that are open on the same product can reduce the risk for the client in the adverse action market. This involves opening a position in the opposite direction of the same size as the open position. The margin is ¼ of the initial margin.
  • Liquidation
  • Bacera Bullion's trading platform will automatically place a liquidation order for a Client's open position(s) when their Total Equity balance falls below 30% of the Initial Margin required for all open positions.
    *Derivative Markets can be very volatile, and Clients should be aware that prices on CFDs instruments may fluctuate rapidly over wide ranges. Prices depend on number of factors, including interest rates, supply and demand, and government actions. Clients should keep in mind that during such volatile market conditions Stop-Loss orders may not be honored at the price requested by the Client. It is possible that the market may "skip" the Stop-Loss order price due to a significant market event.
  • Limit Order/Stop Gain/Stop Loss
  • Bacera Bullion committed to provide customers with the best trading services, and strive to complete transactions following the required price.However, sometimes due to market fluctuations or other economic impacts, the price may have a gap. Therefore, the price may not be in accordance with the requirements of price.If customer still holding positions and pending orders in the account, when price gap reaches insufficient deposits, pending orders will be automatically canceled due to insufficient margin. Bacera Bullion will retain all the pending orders to the right of final interpretation.Under normal circumstances setting limit orders / stop gain orders / stop loss orders the price must be the prevailing market price from the price of at least 20 or more.
    Buy Limit:an order to execute a transaction at a specified price (the limit) or lower
    Sell Limit:an order to execute a transaction only at a specified price (the limit) or higher
    Buy Stop:an order to execute in anticipation of the CFD price, having reached a certain level, will keep on increasing
    Sell Stopan order to execute in anticipation of the CFD price, having increase to a certain level, will fall.
    * We do not accept "Buy Stop" and "Sell Stop" at the same time on the platform
  • Weekend (Friday) or Holidays
  • All the limit orders (pending) will be automatically cancelled after the market closed on Friday or early closed on holidays. If needed, customers could place the new pending orders after the market reopened. Note: All pending orders including limit orders and stop orders; excluding stop loss and take profit of opened orders
    Opening market on Monday or after the holidays, the price may be gapped. Stop gain orders/ stop loss orders do not guaranteed to be executed at the prices set by the customers. It will be implemented with the executable price after the opening market, thus, there are no objections.
  • Economic Figures Announcements
  • 1. 30 minutes before the release of economic data, all limit orders (sell stop, sell limit, buy stop, buy limit) placed will automatically cancel, excluding such stop loss and stop gain for open-position orders.
    2. 30 minutes before and 20 minutes after economic Figures announcements, the company will suspend new openings, or revision or cancellation of all limit orders (sell stop, sell limit, buy stop, buy limit) and included take profit, stop loss.

    Economic Figures Announcements includes:
    • US Non-farm Payrolls, US Unemployment Rate
    • US Dollar or Euro Interest Rate Decision
  • Irregular / Illegal Trading Definitions and Procedures
    • Trading account often applies multiple open or close position within 1-3 minutes
    • An abnormal change of trading volume, for example, transaction instantly changes from 0.1 to 0.5 per lot into 2-20 per lot
    • Often right before or after the information releases, to make transactions by using the form of lock position, and to close position or set the limit to close in 20 minutes
    • Use of two or more trading accounts as hedge transactions to open or close accounts with each other
    • Clients using a network attack or plug-ins which affects the operation of trading platform

    If Bacera Bullion’s audit department suspects an irregular / illegal transaction of trading account, the account transactions or funds will be frozen, and will be in-depth investigate for at least 30 working days. If clients are referred by an agent, the account service fee generated by the account will be frozen as well until the completion of the investigation.

    If it is confirmed as irregular / illegal transactions, Bacera Bullion will immediately terminate the trading account, and release the balance of the account (excluding any profits arising from irregular / illegal transactions). The service fees generated by the account will not be released, and Bacera Bullion will retain all the final interpretation rights and pursue the right to cancel the eligibility of agent.

     Bacera Bullion will retain the irregular / illegal trading of final interpretation right
  • Telephone Transaction
  • To ensure quality service, when the Client's local internet, personal computer, or electronic trading platform fail to perform normal trading , telephone translations are available. Client account numbers and passwords need to be provided.
    (Telephone transactions are for trading purposes only. No consultations.)
  • Statement
  • Daily and monthly statements may be printed for reference. It is very important to check all the contents of the reports in detail and notify Bacera Bullion within 2 business days if there are any errors and/or discrepancies on the reports. After 2 business days, any corrections and/or adjustments to any errors or discrepancies will be made solely at the discretion of Bacera Bullion.
  • Changes in Trading Rules
  • Bacera Bullion Limited reserves the right to make any changes in the trading rules. Changes in Margin Requirements will be announced in the Notices Section of Bacera Bullion's website and will take effect immediately.
  • Inactive Account
  • The company will charge inactive account management fees for accounts that have not been operated over three months.